Friday, 20 September 2013

Cheap Storage Ideas

Sorry kittens the lack of posts recently but I have just moved to London and haven’t had time to breath! Whilst unpacking though I have realised that I have brought nothing to store little desk/dressing table bits and  bobs in (make up brushes, pencils etc.) and as I am a student I can’t go out and buy anything so I have just used things I do have.  Some ideas weren’t as successful but I have 3 cheap ideas of how to store bits and bobs which is efficient but pretty too!
Ikea Bowl
I initially got this for its original purpose for food but I have found it so good just for brushes, mascara, eyeliner and that. They are super cheap and come in a variation of designs and I just think they are perfect for this job!
Wine Bottle (penny jar)
After arriving I realised I had forgotten anything to put my spare pennies in and I absolutely hate having loads of lose change in my purse so this had to be solved. This bottle is perfect as it has a really wide top so it’s easy to drop coins in and get them out.  I love using old glass bottles for storage; I use them as penny jars and candle holders mainly.
Candle Box
I used this to carry all of my rings in when travelling down and it’s perfect for it! With most candles you do get a box to go with it or you can use the candle itself when its burned out; just wash out and then you are ready to go.
I still have other things I need homes for so please tell me your ideas for cheap yet pretty storage devices!
Hope you are all well and thank you for reading!
Love Hann xxx


  1. I love the idea of using bits from around the home as storage. I think it makes it a little more personal :) xo

  2. These all look really cute, I do similar sort of things in my room too x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. Lovely storage ideas :) I use stationary containers and ikea bowls

    Roshni’s Journey

  4. Lovely ideas Hun, I've done similar type storage in my room with candle holders & little mini plant pots.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  5. These are such great practical storage ideas. I'm definitely going to find a nice glass bottle to put my change in. I use old shoe boxes to store random bits and bobs that I can't find a home for. I've tagged you in The Autumn Tag so if you feel like it, check out my post. Xx